Easy Points to Remember When Shipping to South Africa from USA

Published: 19th May 2011
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International freight shipping has become a professionally organized operation where many well qualified individuals work in sync to provide smooth and easy shipping solutions. The quality offered by the international freight shipping companies is quite obviously the best and top of the class. However, when you are making the selection of overseas shipping company, it is very necessary that you deliberately check the countries to which the company is providing its international freight shipping services. Every country has its own international shipping protocols and customs procedures, and having complete knowledge on shipping protocols and customs procedures of a particular country will become important for you. Take for example if you are residing in any state in US and want to ship your household goods to South Africa, the international overseas shipping company that you will choose should have comprehensive knowledge on the freight shipping regulations and customs procedures followed in South Africa. It is very natural to find that customs procedure in South Africa and also the port fee and container storage fee will be hugely variable.

Here are few important points that you need to remember when shipping to South Africa from USA:

The overseas shipping company you choose should be abreast with the shipping rules and regulations followed in South Africa – The international shipping rules and regulations in South Africa are stringent and different too. The customs fee charged is high as also is the port fee. Therefore, you have to discuss the terms and conditions with the international freight shipping company prior to booking your shipment for South Africa. Do not ignore the facts which are relevant to international code procedures fro shipping goods and commercial cargo when transferring precious goods to South Africa. It is in your own good that you discuss about the international shipping codes.

The overseas shipping company should also be aware about any changes or modifications in customs laws and international shipping regulations undertaken by South Africa’s federal government – Any government has the right to change the customs procedures and acknowledge the changes made by any international governing authority on cargo and freight shipping. You just can’t do away with it. However, when shipping to South Africa from USA, it is very important that you check with cargo and freight shipping company on whether it is aware of the updations and changes. If the cargo and freight carrier are not aware about the changes, then you have to bear the brunt either in the form of paying more money to the South African customs department or cargo and freight shipping company that you hire.

Check the credibility of international shipping company – When shipping to South Africa from USA, it is very necessary that you have the credibility statistics of overseas shipping company. You cannot afford to go with any overseas shipping company which has little or no idea about international procedures required for shipping to South Africa. Make sure that you employ your best efforts in checking the credibility of freight and cargo shipping company. That’s your right!

The author is working in a professionally managed international moving company and managing international freight shipping services to host of countries.

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